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Monet's Garden Marmottan 北川村「モネの庭」 マルモッタン

Monets Garden Marmottan Monets Garden Marmottan
Monets Garden Marmottan Monets Garden Marmottan

Walk through a living Monet canvas of flowers, light and water

Japanese art's influence on European Impressionists in the 19th century is well known. Claude Monet's famous garden in Giverny, France was inspired by Japanese woodblock prints he acquired in London. Kitagawa Village is a faithful replica of Monet's garden, and is the only one in the world granted the right to call itself Monet's Garden Marmottan .

Close by is Kitagawa Onsen

Don't Miss

  • Enjoy the serenity of Kitagawa in Monet's Garden and on local walking trails
  • Relax in local Kitagawa Onsen
  • A beautiful night view of the garden is available a few times a year

How to Get There

JR trains and buses from Osaka, Okayama and other cities run to Kochi City Station.

From Kochi City Station, two trains will take you to Nahari Station. From Nahari Station, take a 10-minute ride on the Kitagawa Municipal Bus to Monet's Garden. If driving, the garden offers plenty of parking spaces.

Rare scenes with blue water lilies in summer

There are three separate gardens to explore: the Flower Garden, the Water Garden and the Light Garden. The Flower Garden offers an array of colors and textures Monet frequently used in his art. The Water Garden contains willow trees, water lilies, wisteria and bamboo. Here you can view the scenes that inspired Monet's iconic piece Les Nympheas, the water lily. The period from late June to early November is the optimal time to see the blue water lilies.

After strolling through the three gardens, take a break at the restaurant or French bakery. Monet's House Cafe and Bakery serve locally-sourced ingredients, a perfect way to experience the cuisine of Kitagawa Village.

Through the forest to the Light Garden and the sea

From the Water Garden, take one of the paths through the small forest area to the Light Garden, which pays tribute to Monet's love of the sea. The forest of Kochi lends itself to re-creating this scene, with vistas overlooking the nearby ocean.

Onsen bathing, samurai life and sporting possibilities

Close to the garden are many spots worth visiting. If you are interested in experiencing traditional Kitagawa culture, the Nakaoka Shintaro Samurai Museum and the Kitagawa Onsen Resort are ideal destinations. Nakaoka was a rebel involved in the failed attempt to overthrow the Tokugawa shogunate.

In Kitagawa Onsen's open-air bath, you can watch shooting stars at night. If you're there during yuzu harvest season—the peak of which is in early winter—you can enjoy the yuzu bath, filled with the small citrus fruits that lend a crisp scent to your soak.

If you're looking for daytime outdoor activities, there are places to kayak and hike in the mountains and rivers near the village.

There are several events during the year that will give you unique ways to enjoy the garden, including live music concerts, night viewings, special workshops and seminars.

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