Katsurahama Beach 桂浜

Katsurahama Beach Katsurahama Beach
Katsurahama Beach Katsurahama Beach

Experience the Pacific Ocean coast at Katsurahama Beach

Conveniently located in Kochi City , this stretch of sand is home to a statue of the nationally popular historical figure Ryoma Sakamoto, who played a role in Japan's political modernization.

Don't Miss

  • Views of the Pacific Ocean
  • The Tosa Fighting Dog Museum
  • Shopping at Katsurahama souvenir shop

How to Get There

A 35-minute bus ride from Kochi Station.

Attractions at Katsurahama

Attractions at the beach include an aquarium, a museum dedicated to the famous Tosa fighting dog, and shopping areas.

Enjoy a stroll on the beach

More than anything, the beach is ideal for taking a relaxing stroll, appreciating Kochi's gorgeous sunset and coastline. Due to the rough waters off the coastline of Katsurahama Beach, swimming is not possible, but that does not take away from the serene experience.


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