A fishing town so scenic and quaint it was the inspiration for a number of major films

Once a popular stop-off for sailors and merchants waiting for calmer seas, Tomonoura is a relaxed fishing town that welcomes tourists all year round.

Don't Miss

  • Joyato Lighthouse, the symbol of the town
  • The Ota family residence which is now open to the public
  • The pier located at the eastern point of the bay

How to Get There

The best way to access Fukuyama Station is by one of the local buses which run every 20 minutes.

From Tokyo, Shin-Yokohama, Kyoto, Shin-Osaka and Kobe Stations you can catch the Tokaido-Sanyo Shinkansen to Fukuyama Station and then catch a local bus. Be aware that there are no English signs, so keep an eye out for buses that depart stop number five heading to Tomo Port.

Quick Facts

Tomonoura was featured in the Marvel film ‘Wolverine'

It was once a popular destination for merchant ships traveling along the Seto Inland Sea

The town produces ‘homeishu', its own type of medicinal shochu

A town with a view

The sea-facing section of town is breathtaking, with small boats bobbing up and down in the docks. The old town center has fairly narrow traditional streets, that are so well kept they are reminiscent of times long passed. It is a truly relaxing little town, with a wide variety of shrines and temples, and very friendly locals.

Straight from the silver screen

The town's scenery has inspired plenty of filmmakers over the years. It was featured in Studio Ghibli's ‘Ponyo', and was a location in Marvel's blockbuster ‘Wolverine'.

Homeishu, a medicinal specialty

The town is the home of homeishu, a distinctively sweet liquor originally crafted in the 1600s. The secretive brew is infused with 16 types of herbs, and is said to help with longevity. If you feel so inclined, the town also offers homeishu baths.


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