Senkoji Park 千光寺公園

Senkoji Park
Senkoji Park

An amazing view, stunning surroundings, and a cable car

To get the best possible view of the Senkoji Park area, head to the summit of Mt. Senkoji, the home of Senkoji Temple. For those not wishing to hike, there is a quaint ropeway or cable car that gently whisks you to the top.

The 361-meter ride offers amazing views, and although it is popular all year, peak season is in the spring, which coincides with the blooming of cherry blossoms on the 10,000 trees on the mountain.

Don't Miss

  • The Lovers' Sanctuary, a small park with a red, heart-shaped path
  • Petit Anon, a small French-style cafe with great views and delicious food

How to Get There

The park can be accessed by train plus a walk or taxi ride.

Take the train from Hiroshima Station to Fukuyama Station. Switch to the JR Sanyo Line to Onomichi Station. A pleasant walk to the park from the station takes around 20 minutes.

The path of literature

One of the most popular attractions is the Path of Literature, which contains stones engraved with the musings of famous poets and authors. There are 25 monuments to these amazing writers, including Hayashi Fumiko, Matsuo Basho, and Shiga Naoya.

A walking route for film buffs

Nobuhiko Obayashi, a director born in the city in 1938 with 40 directorial credits to his name, is a local hero in Onomichi . Many of his films have featured landmarks from his hometown, and diehard fans have set up pilgrimages to visit the shrines and temples featured in his work.

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