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Mt. Misen 弥山

Mount Misen Mount Misen
Mount Misen Mount Misen

Mountain that is home to an island aerie and primeval forest

There are three different walking routes you can choose from to ascend Mt. Misen on the island of Miyajima . Each takes around two hours to complete, depending on your ability. The Daishoin course is the most gentle and offers spectacular views, and the Momijidani course is the most challenging.

Don't Miss

  • The Shishi-iwa Observatory offers amazing views of the island and its beautiful surroundings
  • The Misen Primeval Forest is regarded as "a natural botanic museum" and was listed as a World Cultural Heritage Site in 1996

How to Get There

The entrance to the ropeway and the base of the mountain is around a 20-minute walk from the Miyajima ferry pier.

Deer on the trail

No matter which route you take, deer are commonly seen along the trails. Wild monkeys were once very common, but after a population boom, many of them were moved to a monkey park on the mainland. Sightings still occur but are now very rare.

Riding the ropeway

If you aren't too keen to walk, there is a ropeway that takes you close to the summit. The ride up offers brilliant aerial views of the dense woodland that surrounds the mountain and is a very peaceful way to reach the top.

Daishoin Temple

Daishoin Temple was reportedly founded by Kobo Daishi. A number of its halls and other buildings line the path up the mountain, but be sure to check out the Reikado, which houses the Spiritual Flame. Lit by Kobo Daishi himself, it has been burning ever since and was used to light the Flame of Peace at the Peace Park in Hiroshima .

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