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Ueno Park (Hiroshima) 庄原上野公園

Fireworks, handmade boat races, and a sports center great for serious runners

Ueno Park is an expansive open green space great for relaxing, picnicking, and enjoying sports. There is also a sports center where you can pay a small fee to use the track and field facilities.

Quick Facts

The Shrine on Ueno Pond has a small red gate that seems to float on the water, an homage to the floating gate at Itsukushima Shrine

The Sports Center has running tracks for 100-meter sprints or 350-meter laps

During the spring, the park has some fine cherry blossoms

How to Get There

The park is just a few minutes away from Bingo Shobara Station. If you are coming by car, there is also a parking lot.

Ueno Pond

The park is perhaps best known for Ueno Pond, which is lined with cherry trees that blossom in the springtime and are lit at night with paper lanterns. A small shrine on the banks of the pond is also lit at night making a beautiful addition to the scenery.

Summer fun

In the summer, there are two fun festivals. The first features fireworks displays, set up to be reflected in the lake.

The park also hosts a handmade boat race, in which locals form teams and construct their own boats from scratch. They must then race against other teams to the far side of the lake. The boats range from simple rafts to complex boats adorned with famous characters.

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