Dangyo Falls 壇鏡の滝

Dangyo Falls
Dangyo Falls

Two sacred waterfalls within a remote forest

Follow the footpath through the woods along a small bubbling stream, passing through a shrine gate. Climb up the steps and emerge into the sunlight that floods into an opening in the forest, where the falls come into view.

How to Get There

For ease of access, it is recommended to go by car.

There is no public transport to Dangyo Falls. The nearest bus stop is more than five kilometers away near the coast. Exploring Dogo Island is best by rental car or bicycle.

Male and female waterfalls

Off to the left, the smaller waterfall, medaki, is considered to be female.

Sumo wrestlers and bull owners, who compete in their own form of wrestling, are quite popular on Dogo Island, and use the water in purification rituals before a competition.

To the right of Dangyo Shrine is the male waterfall, Odaki, cascading 40 meters from an overhanging cliff. A path leads up behind the waterfall to a look out area.


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