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Sandanbeki 三段壁

Sandanbeki Sandanbeki
Sandanbeki Sandanbeki

Dramatic cliffs with an exciting past

Standing only a couple of kilometers apart, the craggy cliffs of Sandanbeki stand in stark saw-toothed contrast to the perfect white sands of Shirarahama Beach . An area of dramatic geology, the powerful Pacific Ocean waves come crashing into the cliff face spouting salty sea spray.

How to Get There

The caves can be accessed by Meiko bus, running along the coastline from the Shirahama Bus Center. Get off at Sandanbeki.

Special history

While the cliffs offer naturally dramatic scenery, centuries of human drama lie below them.

During the Heian period (794-1185), the cave at Sandanbeki was a hideout for pirates cruising into the area on their villainous voyages.

Explore the cave

An elevator transports modern-day Jack Sparrows 36 meters down into the cave to explore the damp, dark passageways. The cave is full of artifacts and replicas related to pirate activities as well as the dramatic markings of nature's erosion. Entry fees are required.

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