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Heijo Palace 平城宮跡

Heijo-kyu Remains of the Ancient Capital Heijo-kyu Remains of the Ancient Capital
Heijo-kyu Remains of the Ancient Capital Heijo-kyu Remains of the Ancient Capital

Travel back in time to the days when Nara was the most important place in Japan

Although Nara remains an integral part of Japan, many visitors are surprised to learn that it used to be the capital. Visiting the site of Heijo Palace in Nara offers the chance to imagine what the area might have been like when it was the beating heart of Japan.

Don't Miss

  • Suzaki Gate and the East Palace Gardens, extremely accurate recreations.
  • Beautiful ponds, buildings, and bridges.
  • Representations of all the animals of the Chinese zodiac inside the Daigokuden.

How to Get There

Heijo Palace is accessible by walking 15 minutes from Yamato-Saidaiji Station. Yamato-Saidaiji is just a four-minute ride from Kintetsu Nara Station.

Alternatively, take a bus bound for Yamato-Saidaiji Station from either Nara Station or Kintetsu Nara Station.

Reconstructed Nara

Excavations are still underway at the site. Many of the original attractions of the area are brought to life by reconstructions of the original buildings.

The most substantial reconstruction is the Daigokuden, also known as the Former Audience Hall. This building was rebuilt as part of the 1,300th anniversary of Nara. Suzaki Gate and the East Palace Gardens are also reconstructions well-worth seeing.

Relics from the past

Head for the Excavation Site Exhibition Hall to see remnants of the original buildings. Here, you can see excavation work in progress as digs are conducted.

In addition to the excavation site, artifacts and other unearthed items can be seen at the Nara Palace Site Museum. The artifacts and objects on display give a sense of what life was like in the former heart of Japan.

Near Heijo Palace

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