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STORY Harajuku Shopping Guide A guide to navigating Harajuku's fashion streets

Discover fashion, food and fun in the heart of Tokyo's trendsetting district of Harajuku

One station away from Shibuya Station, Harajuku is the center of youth culture in Japan. This lively area is bursting with things to see and do. Here, you can see the newest fashion trends taking root, eat all the kawaii (cute) treats and pick up souvenirs that scream "Japan."


  • Check store hours online before going; many don't open until 11:00 a.m. or 11:30 a.m.
  • Visit on weekdays to avoid extreme crowds, or visit on weekends to see more Harajuku fashion
  • Be prepared to line up for popular cafes and restaurants

The center of style

Harajuku is Japan's fashion hub, with new styles appearing all the time. So look no further if you want to find a piece of Japan street style.

One of the first places to explore is Takeshita Street. Directly across from Harajuku Station, this small street is the star of the show for many visitors to the area. Lined with small shops that sell everything from Lolita fashion to souvenirs, you'll find all the latest trends here.

Meanwhile, Omotesando Street is home to high-end stores and gourmet restaurants geared toward more mature clientele. The most popular shopping mall in this area is Omotesando Hills. Known as the Champs-Elysees of Tokyo, you can also find the flagship stores of many international brands here.

Nearby you'll find Cat Street. Located in Ura-harajuku, or Urahara for short, this area has both small boutiques and international brands. In contrast to Takeshita's young and kawaii vibe, here you'll see the street style of Japan's young adults.

Other great finds

In addition to fashion finds, you can also score some amazing souvenirs in Harajuku .

A multi-story Daiso is located along Takeshita Street. You can find everything from Japanese folding fans to miniature bottles of wine. Best of all, everything is only 100 yen (unless otherwise noted).

Located along Omotesando Street, Kiddy Land is Tokyo's most famous toy store. Here you'll find five floors of goods including Snoopy and Hello Kitty memorabilia.

And if you're looking for furniture and other Japanese goods, try the Oriental Bazaar down the road. Designed to look like a traditional Japanese building, this souvenir shop sells everything from kimono to dolls, to tableware.

From crepes to cafes

While in the area, make sure to stop by one of the famous eateries for super kawaii sweets. New shops are popping up all the time, so keep your eye out for the latest hotspots.

If you're looking for something classic, try crepes. On Takeshita Street, you can try dessert-style Japanese crepes at Marion Crepes or Angel's Heart. Or, book a table at Kawaii Monster Cafe on Omotesando Street for cuteness overload that is definitively Harajuku.

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