Family Fun in Japan

Travelling together with your family in Japan is a great way to learn about its customs and people. There are plenty of attractions to keep family members of all ages happy! Here are a few entertainment spots that will have special appeal for tourists, especially those travelling with children.


Edo Wonderland in Nikko  (Nikko, Tochigi)

This is a theme park that depicts life during Japan’s Edo period. Children can enjoy role playing, dressing up in costumes such as ninja or police, and adults can also try costumes such as warrior, merchant, courtesan, etc. There is a haunted temple, ninja mansion, traditional teahouse, and lots more!

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Cupnoodles Museum  (Yokohama)

This museum is dedicated to the creative genius of Momofuku Ando, founder of chicken ramen and Cup Noodles. Learn about the history of instant ramen, make chicken ramen by hand, or create your own Cup Noodles!

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KidZania Tokyo  (Tokyo)

For children, KidZania Tokyo in Toyosu is one unique place where children can simulate a real "on the job experience" in a realistic miniature city. Children choose their occupation out of nearly 100 jobs such as a Fire fighter, Beauty consultant, Chef, or Entertainer, and work and earn money like real workers. They can spend their hard-earned money at the stores there, eat the food products they make, or take-home creations such as DVDs or newspapers as give-aways.

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