Embrace rural charm in one of Japan’s most scenic villages

Stay at Shirakawa-go: experience life in a traditional thatched farmhouse

Tucked away in the mountains of Gifu Prefecture in central Japan lie a cluster of 100 or so historic farmhouses in an alpine valley. Each sits cozy under its gigantic thatched roof; sheltered from winter’s deep snows and summer’s heat.
This fairytale-like setting is Shirakawa-go, an authentic rural landscape from a bygone era and those who call it home still keep the old customs alive. Indeed, its beauty and wellpreserved traditions earned Shirakawa-go UNESCO World Heritage Site status in 1995.
Book a stay at one of these farmhouses, whether a home or guesthouse and get a true feel for Japan’s rustic roots.

The remote and unspoiled setting simply add to the charm, well worth the journey from Tokyo by bus and train – just 3.5 hours via Toyama station.

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