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Fly domestically in Japan for less in 2020

Special Deals

This program has been canceled.
Boarding period: July to September 2020.

Peach Aviation Limited (Peach)
Special discount for domestic and international flights during a certain time period.
Details will be released shortly.

SPRING JAPAN (Spring Airlines Japan)
This program has been canceled.
Boarding period: March to October 2020.
Please see the official website for further details.


Choose Peach Aviation Limited (Peach) for exclusive flight deals in 2020.

Travel with Peach to Japan in 2020 and enjoy heavy discounts on domestic and international routes. For a limited time, fly on all domestic routes and some international routes at a discounted price. See the official webpage for information on eligible routes and discount fare prices. Simply enter the promotion code to get a discount fare on your flight.

SPRING JAPAN (Spring Airlines Japan) sale —board a domestic flight in Japan for 2,020 yen.

Fly one of three domestic routes departing from Tokyo Narita Airport for the special price of 2,020 yen. Limited to 2020 tickets and visitors to Japan.

Eligible routes:
Tokyo (Narita) – Sapporo (Shin-Chitose)
Tokyo (Narita) – Kyushu (Saga)
Tokyo (Narita) – Hiroshima
Sale period: February to August 2020 (held five times during this period)
Total of 2020 tickets sold in five installments


Peach Aviation Limited (Peach)
Travel with Peach Aviation Limited (Peach) and get limited-time-only discounts on domestic and international routes.

SPRING JAPAN (Spring Airlines Japan)
Choose SPRING JAPAN (Spring Airlines Japan) and fly domestically in Japan for 2,020 yen.

How to get involved

To fly for less with Peach Aviation Limited (Peach), purchase flight tickets after entering the promotion code specified on the official website.

To fly with SPRING JAPAN (Spring Airlines Japan), make reservations and purchase tickets through the Spring Japan official sale webpage.


There are no restrictions on the Peach Aviation Limited (Peach) deals.

The SPRING JAPAN (Spring Airlines Japan) campaign is limited to 2020 tickets.


Peach Aviation Limited (Peach)
The Peach Aviation Limited (Peach) campaign is limited to customers who have entered the promotion code (specified by the official website) and purchased flight tickets. Customers with Japanese citizenship are not eligible for this campaign.

SPRING JAPAN (Spring Airlines Japan)
SPRING JAPAN (Spring Airlines Japan) campaign is only available to official SPRING JAPAN website members.


Peach Aviation Limited (Peach)
Participants must be registered Peach account holders to use the promotion code. Discounts will not be applied if the promotion code is entered incorrectly or the search conditions are inaccurate. Check the route, dates, etc. to which the discount code is being applied. The discounted price should also be confirmed, and sufficient care taken to verify that the discount has been used correctly before making your purchase. It cannot be used in conjunction with other discounts. If conditions for other discounts are met, the one that provides the lowest fare will be applied. It can only be used when making new reservations; it cannot be used when changing bookings that have already been made. It cannot be used for ticket purchases at contact centers or airport counters. Separate conditions apply for the use of other promotion codes.

SPRING JAPAN (Spring Airlines Japan)
Register for membership on the SPRING official website in order to make a flight ticket reservation. The number of available flights and seats is limited. Other fees are charged separately, including commission, airport facility usage fees, and fuel surcharges. No changes or refunds can be made and limited to reservations made via the official website. Please make a standard infant-fare reservation for children who have not yet reached two years of age as of the boarding date. Assumes permission from the relevant authorities. Schedules, etc. are subject to change without prior notice.

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