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Yamagata | Kamo Aquarium

The number one jellyfish aquarium in the world

Big or small, round or oblong, shiny or opaque, pink or blue... There are so many colors and shapes of jellyfish! With more than 55 species displayed, Kamo Aquarium boasts the largest collection of jellyfish in the world. Its 5 meters diameter tank that contains more than 10,000 moon jellies is the biggest jellyfish-only tank in the world. Those ancient creatures have been existing on earth for more than 500 million years, yet we do not understand them fully. Jellyfish are very hard to breed. However, Kamo Aquarium’s keepers and scientists’ team is constantly researching new ways to keep them under the best conditions, explaining why Kamo Aquarium can keep so many species at a time. Kamo Aquarium also studies the jellyfish to investigate the sea problematics better in the hope of finding a solution. This is why the aquarium also exposes local sea creatures. The director hopes it will awaken the local people’s awareness about the seafood they consume every day and remind them that before becoming a food, it was a beautiful living being.

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