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Tottori | Mt. Daisen's Sea of Clouds

Daisen-Oki National Park and a sea of clouds from Mt. Daisen
Stretching across three prefectures, Daisen-Oki National Park showcases a diverse array of landscapes. Here you can see a variety of unique natural environments, from volcanos to rich forests and endless grasslands. The vast terrain of the park consists of four geologically distinct areas, including a large mountainous area encompassing Mt. Kenashi, Mt. Senjo and the Hiruzen Highlands as well as Mt. Daisen—the highest in the Chugoku region. With its gorgeous silhouette, Mt. Daisen has been ranked third on the list of Japan’s most beautiful mountains, and is compared to the world-famous Mt. Fuji and sometimes called “Hoki Fuji.” On the border between Niimi City in Okayama Prefecture and Hino Town in Tottori Prefecture is Akechi Pass, known as a great spot to see a sea of clouds. The best time to witness the heaven-like view is early morning in late fall and winter. The park is sure to fascinate you throughout the year, with a hike through lush greens in spring and summer, brilliant colors of fall foliage and panoramic views from ski slopes.



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