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Kyoto | Traditional Japanese House Stay in Miyama

Stay in thatched-roof houses of a rural village 50km north of central Kyoto

Miyama lies 50km north of central Kyoto. A visit to Miyama means encountering a lifestyle that is only possible in a rural village, where the seasons set the rhythm of man’s daily activities. The fact that the thatched roof village Kayabuki no Sato is not only a national heritage site but an inhabited area should be compelling enough to see Miyama as more than a sightseeing destination. Stay at any of the accommodations and farm inns in Miyama for at least two days and you’ll be treated as a member of the community. Lodging in a thatched roof traditional Japanese house is a unique experience in itself. Meeting Miyama’s people and taking part in the activities available in this area in the suburbs of Kyoto will undoubtedly be wonderful experiences whose memories you’ll treasure, not to mention that everything you experience and the knowledge you gain from staying in a mountain village is something that adds to your life experience and that you’ll be able to use in your own everyday life.

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