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Fukuoka | Yame Central Tea Plantation

Gentle slopes covered with lush green tea bushes a short drive away from Yame

If you have travelled around Japan, no doubt you have had your fair share of green tea. But have you heard of or ever tried ‘Yame-cha’? Yame’s pride is almost certainly their delicious tea. Once you enter Yame you can see tea bushes here and there all over the city and countryside, but if you do a bit of driving you can find the Yame Central Tea Plantation. A picture simply does not do it justice. At the top of a hill is a shrine with plenty of parking spaces where you can stop to get out and take in the 360-degree view of lush green tea bushes. The sight is truly breathtaking. Drive up to the Yame Central Tea Plantation and have a look for yourself, you won’t regret it!

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