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©Miyama FUTON&Breakfast

Stay in a Thatched Cottage in a Rural Village


Enjoy the slow life of traditional Japan in a small community north of Kyoto 


Miyama Futon & Breakfast features holiday rentals at four thatched cottages in the rustic Miyama region. These unusual accommodations offer a restful, relaxing escape in a traditional setting far from today’s urban centers.


The cottages are run by a company specializing in thatching, and while they use ancient sustainable methods to maintain the roofs, the hospitality and facilities are far from spartan. The cottages range from a spacious 150-year-old home that is registered as a cultural heritage site to a more compact modern villa built recently with local materials.


©Miyama FUTON&Breakfast


Along with top-notch bathing facilities and conveniences, there’s a fully -equipped modern kitchen in each cottage. Guests are welcome to cook for themselves or dine at local restaurants. If they do cook, they are sure to appreciate the chicken coop, from which come fresh-picked eggs for breakfast.


Peaceful scenes of rice fields, rivers, and bamboo forests add an unforgettable backdrop.


Access: Take the local train from Shin-Osaka Station to Sonobe Station (about one hour), the take the free shuttle bus to the hotel (about 30 minutes). If you wish to use the shuttle bus, please contact the hotel in advance.


©Miyama FUTON&Breakfast


Contribution to Sustainability

Miyama Town was selected as one of the “Best Tourism Villages by UNWTO” in 2021. Traditional satoyama communities are based on sustainable principles that function in tangent with nature. Guests can lend a hand some of the activities essential to this lifestyles during their stay such as bamboo crafting with local sourced timber, thatching workshops, and organic farming.


Miyama FUTON&Breakfast thatched cottages


52 Kitsuneiwa, Shima, Miyama-cho, Nantan-shi, Kyoto-fu




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