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Enjoy Japanese Beef at its Best


Sample the finest Saga wagyu beef at a fine dining establishment in Saga City


The Japanese beef produced in Saga Prefecture is widely recognized as some of the best in the country and a must-try for any visitor who wants to try wagyu at its finest. Saga beef comes from the region’s black cattle, which are carefully reared to ensure that the meat’s distinctive marbled grain always gets top marks by the rating system of the Japan Meat Grading Association. This level of attention produces he melt-in-your-mouth quality synonymous with Japan’s world-renowned wagyu.


Kira’s main restaurant, located in Saga City, is the ultimate destination for travelers looking to sample the pinnacle of Japanese beef. Enjoy the region’s beautifully marbled Saga beef, prepared exactly as you like. Savor meat served in the much-loved-by-Japanese yakiniku style, in which small cuts of beef are brought for you to cook precisely to your taste on a tabletop grill. You can also choose to leave it to the experts and have a steak grilled to your order. For a truly Japanese specialty, there’s also shabu-shabu, in which thinly sliced meat, along with assorted vegetables, are lightly and quickly cooked at your table in a delicious broth that further brings out the savory flavors. Whichever you choose, you can be certain that your steak will be sourced from the highest-quality local farmers. Once you’ve tasted the finest Japanese wagyu, you’ll understand why Saga beef is so widely and highly regarded.



Private rooms are available where you can enjoy your Saga beef quietly and alone, or with a gathering of friends. Inquiries and reservations can be made in English by phone; English menus are available for both lunch and dinner. 


Access: From Hakata Station, take the Relay-Kamome limited express train  to Saga Station (about 35 minutes). The  restaurant is a 10-minute walk from the station.



Saga Beef Restaurant Kira Honten


3-9-16 Otakara, Saga-shi, Saga-ken

Duration Approx. 1 hour or more



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