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©Washi Studio Kamikoya

Stay at an Eco-Friendly Bed and Breakfast in Kochi


Traditional hospitality, time-honored crafts, and “Satoyama” in Shikoku


Deep in the mountains of Kochi Prefecture you'll find cozy Kamikoya. Run by a local family, it's also home to a traditional Japanese papermaking studio. The rooms are decorated with the paper made in their workshops, from the wallpaper to the lamps and sliding doors.


Since it's up in the mountains, Kamikoya is comfortable and cool even in the sticky Japanese summer, and your room upstairs will have a lovely view of the valley below. There is a kitchenette and barbecue facilities on the deck with a great view, so guests can easily cook and enjoy barbecuing while in contact with the nature of “Satoyama” (woodland near the village). Even the soaps and shampoos they give you are eco-friendly to minimize the footprint on the local area.     


©Washi Studio Kamikoya


The washi (traditional Japanese paper) studio is owned and operated by a Dutchman named Rogier, who has been crafting paper in Japan for almost forty years. He’ll walk you through the process of preparing fibers, picking out debris, beating the fibers, forming sheets, pressing, and board drying. You'll do all of this by hand, without the use of modern chemicals or industrial machinery.


Whether you're visiting for just a few hours or staying the night, Kamikoya promises to offer you a unique taste of Japanese country life and tradition.




Washi Studio KAMIKOYA




approx. 120 min. or more




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