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Treat Yourself to Tohoku’s Tasty Craft Beer and Sake


Feast on a spread of delicious eats and drinks at Sekino-Ichi Brewery


Sake as it’s typically referred to in English (nihonshu in Japanese) is one of Japan's signature alcoholic beverages, brewed from water and rice. The Sekino-Ichi Brewery in Ichinoseki, Iwate Prefecture is a great place to learn about the brewing process and enjoy a tasting of delicious sake yourself.

Founded in 1917, Sekino-Ichi makes both traditional Japanese sake and beer. The brewery’s seven cellars have been designated a Registered Tangible Cultural Property of Japan. They offer several guided tours depending on what aspect of the brewing process you’re interested in. 

If you prefer to guide yourself, you’re welcome to visit their museum, restaurant, café, and liquor store. The museum features exhibits on traditional Japanese brewing methods. A local food specialty is mochi, pounded glutinous rice, with the area boasting over 300 varieties, from sweet to savory. Let your palate be teased with flavors like edamame, ginger, and pumpkin! The brewery’s restaurant features a sampling of nine of these, as well as hotpot favorites like nabe and shabu-shabu. 



You can also participate in making mochi yourself by trying your hand at the traditional mochi-tsuki (mochi-pounding) process. 

The buildings still maintain their original Taisho period (1912-1926) feel, so you’ll feel like you’re stepping back in time. Drain your cup while enjoying a glimpse into history.

Access: From Tokyo Station, take the Tohoku Shinkansen to Ichinoseki Station (about two hours 35 minutes), then walk about 15 minutes to the brewery.



Sekino-Ichi Brewery


5-42 Tamura-cho, Ichinoseki-shi, Iwate-ken


40 minutes or more




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