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The Birthplace of Christianity in Japan


Learn about how the underground Christians lived during the prohibition period


Take the Silence tour covering five different areas, Tomogi village (Sotome), Nagasaki City, Shimabara Peninsula, Hirado, and finally Goto Islands. Each was a stop-off for Martin Scorsese’s film crew while making the film Silence.


©NPTA We have received an official permission from the Archdiocese on this photo.


It is based on a novel written by Endo Shusaku about Christians and how they survived two centuries living in small villages, hidden from the view of their brutal persecutors.


In 2018 UNESCO recognized twelve sites in the Nagasaki area linked to the “Hidden Christians” as World Cultural Heritage. A tour guaranteed to bolster your faith, no matter what your religious affiliation.




"Hidden Christian Sites in the Nagasaki Region" Information Centre


長崎県長崎市出島町1-1-205 出島ワーフ2F 長崎と天草地方の潜伏キリシタン関連遺産インフォメーションセンター






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