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A Fusion of East and West Awaits in Dejima


Explore a historical town shaped by trade with the Dutch


The former trading port of Dejima is a must-see area in Nagasaki. Dejima was the only port open to the West for a period of two centuries. This port spread Japanese culture across the world in the Age of Exploration, and it exposed Japanese people to the Western culture that would one day help to spark the modernization of Japan.

The lovingly restored historic district begs you to explore its historic buildings including warehouses, state residences, and the Dejima Protestant Seminary. Dutch influences on the construction are everywhere, creating architecture unlike any you've seen before. Learn the history of Japan's international trade as you travel back in time to when there were all but a few Westerners in Japan.



Don a traditional kimono and stroll the city to complete your trip through this unique time warp. A former international club known as the Dejima Naigai Club has been converted into a restaurant serving Nagasaki's local wakaran cuisine. You will be able to enjoy dishes that are related to Dejima and Nagasaki.

The former Dejima Protestant Church also stands intact as a testament to times past, though the interior is closed to visitors.

Access: Take the local train from Hakata Station to Takeo Station (about 1 hour), then take the from Takeo Station to Nagasaki Station (about 30 minutes). Finally, take the streetcar from Nagasakiekimae Station to Dejima Station, which takes about 5 minutes.



Dejima Dutch Trading Post


6-1 Dejima-cho, Nagasaki-shi, Nagasaki-ken


Approx. 1 hour or more




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