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Take a Japanese Cooking Class in a Traditional Townhouse


Learn to make authentic, vegetarian home cooking and enjoy sake tasting in a historic residence


Step back in time in Mino City, a merchant town that thrived on its trade in washi (traditional Japanese paper) during the Edo era (1603 - 1868) and Meiji era (1868 - 1912). Washi is used even today, and you can take in its elegance by viewing the many paper lanterns decorating the streets. In Mino City, there are the townhouses that were built over 100 years ago and have been renovated for current day use. You will have the opportunity to learn how to make Japanese home-style dishes at one such traditional merchant house.
Your cooking class at Yamamotoya will make full use of locally produced ingredients and is also vegetarian-friendly, as the meal does not include meat or fish. As your local guide shows you around the kitchen giving an explanation using a translation device, she will also passionately teach you about the town’s rich culture and history.
In addition to cooking, you will also learn how to properly set a table in Japan, using antique tableware that, like the townhouse, has been cherished for about 100 years or more, as well as lacquerware and Mino washi. With your newly acquired table manners, rest assured you can avoid some faux-pas if you are invited to a Japanese home in the future.
Additionally, this class provides a wonderful opportunity to taste locally brewed sake. After your meal, you will be able to sip on non-alcoholic amazake, a variety of thick, creamy sake. You will be sure to walk away with a full belly and a deeper understanding of regional life and how it is connected with the local cuisine.



Access: From Tokyo Station, take the shinkansen bullet train to Nagoya Station, about 1 hour and 40 minutes, and then take the train to Gifu Station, about 20 minutes. Take a bus to Mino Shiyakushomae, about 1 hour and 10 minutes, and then walk for about 10 minutes.







approx. 180 min. or more




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