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Create Sushi Masterpieces with Fish Fresh


Learn how to make festive temari-sushi in a merchant’s house where geisha still perform


Kanazawa is a city bursting with tradition bordering the Sea of Japan in Ishikawa Prefecture. Its cityscape features well-preserved architecture from centuries past as well as renowned gardens and a castle, and it is one of the few places where geisha still practice their art. What’s more, its proximity to the chill ocean waters means that Kanazawa is not only blessed with the conditions to grow high-quality rice, it also has access to an abundance of fresh seafood. Take advantage of this regional cuisine by joining a sushi-making experience.
Your cooking course, hosted by In Kanazawa House, is English-friendly, and will immerse you in Ishikawa culture. The friendly cooking expert will greet you at the venue, which is located in a merchant’s house boasting about 100 years of history and which still hosts geisha performances. Using an array of seasonal, locally sourced ingredients, your cooking expert will teach you about temari-sushi, a beautiful type of sushi that resembles a small ball. You can choose your own toppings, including meat, seafood, and vegetables, all fresh from the local markets, so anyone can make gorgeous sushi masterpieces that they are sure to enjoy, even as a vegetarian or a meat-lover.


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Furthermore, you will gain insight not only about Kanazawa cuisine, but also more about the broader culture that shaped it. You will learn how to present your sushi on traditional Ishikawa lacquerware and be able to take these tips and tricks with you home so you can make sushi that is sure to impress your friends and family.
As you are ready to finally feast on your creations, you will also take part in a small tea ceremony. Excite your senses with colorful sushi and warmly delicate Japanese green tea in this fantastic culinary experience.
In addition, you will experience the food culture of Kanazawa through local home cooking and regional cuisine other than temari-sushi, also prepared using seasonal ingredients.
Access: From Tokyo Station, take the shinkansen bullet train to Kanazawa Station, about 2 hours and 30 minutes. Then take a bus to Sanja bus stop, about 10 minutes.


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