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Introduction to Buddhist Traditional Practices and Castle Town History


Delve deep into Izushi’s town roots in Sukyoji Temple


If you are a history lover or keen to cleanse your soul with Buddhist activities, the castle town of Izushi in Hyogo’s Tajima region will surely give you a fulfilling memory to take home.

Walk along historical streets with the classic-Japanese style architecture, and feel as if you’ve travelled back to the olden Japan. And if you’re looking to make the most of your time in a town so full of rich history preserved, why not let an English-speaking guide show you around?



Start your day touring iconic tourist destinations such as the Izushi Castle Ruins and Shinkoro Clock Tower while your guide tells you stories and secrets behind the town and each of the locations. Venturing deeper still, you’ll find Sukyoji Temple―a tranquil oasis that contrasts with the bustling streets of the town. It’s also known as the Takuan Temple—a theory states that one of the early head monks, Takuan Soho, created the popular vegetable dish of takuan (pickled daikon radish), which was named after him. Depending on the season, you may even see radish put out to dry around the temple!

Have a chat with a resident Buddhist monk while sipping matcha tea and nibbling on some traditional sweets, and let their fascinating anecdotes entertain you as you gain even deeper knowledge of the town’s history. For those who are eager to experience an authentic Buddhist practice, try seated meditation, sutra-copying, or tracing a picture of a Buddhist image. By freeing your mind from worry and concentrating on these calming activities, you’re sure to find inner peace.



Izu Sukyoji (Takuan-dera) Temple


Sukyoji Temple, 33 Tojo, Izushi-cho, Toyooka-shi, Hyogo-ken


Approx. 2 hours or more




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