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Self-Guided Walking Tour through Places Linked to the Water


Hike sacred mountains, feel the ocean breeze, and dine on delicacies at outstanding inns


Take a four-day trip through nature, history, and culture on your own two feet as you visit various sites throughout Kyoto, Fukui, and Shiga Prefectures. On this self-guided walking tour, feel a strong sense of accomplishment after reaching each destination, and of oneness with the earth. Immerse yourself in the beauty of pristine nature and the religions that worship it, as you rest at three exceptional, Japanese-style accommodations.

The theme for this journey is “water.” The mountainous region close to the Sea of Japan receives ample snow during the winter. The mountain snow transforms into water that flows into rivers, the sea, and ancient Lake Biwa, the largest freshwater lake in Japan and indeed one of the oldest lakes in the world. With access to abundant water, civilizations have long gathered in this region, worshiping the life-giving mountains and prospering from trade on the ocean.

Highlights of the tour include a breathtaking view of Lake Biwa from the top of Mt. Horai as well as a visit to Kumagawa-juku, a historic village near the Sea of Japan. To enhance the meditative experience, you will also hike to Enryakuji and Eiheiji temples, which are located among sacred mountains. Both temples are central to significant sects of Buddhism that have influenced Japanese history and culture.



Along the way, you will also dine on mouth-watering regional delicacies and Buddhist cuisine. At the end of each day, you will rest in luxury in lodging boasting uniquely local architectural designs.

Although self-guided, this walking tour by Oku Japan includes detailed guidebooks, maps, and other directions in English, as well as a support team in Kyoto ready to respond to questions you have during your journey.

 Access: From Shin-Osaka Station, take the local train to Osaka Station (about five minutes), where the tour begins.



Western Shiga and Fukui: Self-Guided Walking 4 Days Premium (Oku Japan)


3-1-1 Umeda, Kita-ku, Osaka-shi, Osaka-fu


4 days




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