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Angling for an Excellent Catch


Try spearhead fishing for dinner


Situated about 90 minutes west of Tokyo by Shinkansen bullet train, Hamamatsu is a coastal city in Shizuoka Prefecture. This city surrounds Hamana-ko, a saltwater lake which features a style of fishing that dates back over a century. From spring to late summer, lantern-lit boats leave harbor after sundown, casting their lights over the placid, shallow waters of southern Lake Hamana, which is teeming with fish. These lights guide the fishermen to the marine life that will be speared with a harpoon or scooped up with a net to become dinner.
Now you, too, can try your hand at this unique method of fishing. Locally known as “Takiya-Ryo”, you and your companions can fish for shrimp, crab and other marine delicacies, such as sea bream. Board a local fisherman’s boat on a tour guided by an English interpreter, in cooperation with a branch of Lake Hamana’s fishing cooperative.
As you ply a long oar through the water of the peaceful lake, hear the splash of the fish being caught by spears or nets while gazing upon the lights reflected off the water, an indelible experience you are unlikely to find anywhere else.



What’s more, you can take your catches to floating rafts called “Takiya-tei” and have them prepared into delectable dishes such as seafood tempura and miso soup by fishermen who know how to bring out the best in each fish. This is a culinary experience you won’t want to miss. Outfitted with sofas and chairs, the eating spaces on Takiya-tei let you relax and enjoy the evening breezes as you dine on the delicious fish you caught. This may be the best way to reward yourself for all the effort that went into fishing for your feast.
Whether or not angling is your passion, this hands-on experience combining traditional Japanese culture and the sport of fishing promises to be a night that you’ll remember!
Access: From Tokyo Station, take the Shinkansen bullet train to Hamamatsu Station, about 1 hour and 30 minutes. From Hamamatsu Station, take the bus, about 20 minutes.



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