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Toba Time: Exceptional Ecotours Around Ise-Shima National Park


Dive into local life and sample sublime fruits of the sea from Ise Bay


Set on the eastern coast of Mie Prefecture, the abundant sea and islands of Toba have long been intimately tied to local customs and traditions. Join Kaito Yumin Club on one of their various eco tours and experience life here firsthand.
Sample delectably fresh seafood in myriad forms—join local fishermen and catch sea bream or scorpion fish, then let nearby chefs transform your haul into culinary delights. Harvest wakame seaweed to be enjoyed in a hot pot of fresh fish, grill Spanish Mackerel over an outdoor fire, and chat with local wholesalers and sushi chefs.
Take part in the Ama Hut Experience, and enjoy a conversation and meal at the huts of ama divers, women who maintain the millennia-old tradition of free-diving for shellfish and seaweed. Stroll the fishing village of Toushijima Island, which once provided fruits of the sea to the Imperial family and court since Japan’s ancient times and through the Heian period (794–1185).
Discover the natural wonders of Ise-Shima National Park by kayak, paddling around the coastline to explore uninhabited emerald islands. Marvel at the fauna and flora that call these waters home—from small finless porpoises and large Black Kite birds to forests of seaweed swaying gently in the currents below.
With English-speaking guides accompanying each tour, visitors can enjoy an authentic experience connecting with the local community. The team of experts at Kaito Yumin Club are also happy to customize plans to suit your interests and needs.



Toba makes for an attractive additional destination for travelers visiting Ise Jingu in neighboring Ise City. An overnight stay will allow more time to leisurely discover the cultural, natural and spiritual gems housed in this seaside town. Toba is located less than 20 minutes from Iseshi Station by local train, or about 90 minutes from Nagoya (2 hours from Osaka) by limited express.



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