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Tour the Future of Zero-Waste Sustainability


The Kamikatsu Zero Waste Center is circular society in action


Kamikatsu Town is located in the mountains of central Tokushima Prefecture at the edge of Chubu Sankei Prefectural Natural Park. In 2003, Kamikatsu Town made the first “Zero Waste” declaration in Japan. Today its recycling rate has reached 80%, with 45 separate sorting categories. The Kamikatsu Zero Waste Center is a facility that shows the town’s efforts towards a circular society.


Viewed from above, the Kamikatsu Zero Waste Center is a giant question mark, symbolizing the hard questions we must ask about consumption and waste in all our lives. The entire center is made of cedar trees from the local forests combined with recycled elements from other buildings, including furniture, roof tiles, and entire windows. It’s a thought-provoking demonstration of the true potential of zero waste living. 



The dot of the question mark is Hotel Why, a unique zero-waste accommodation experience which allows guests to take part in the zero waste movement. Guests must think about their consumption, as amenities only are provided on a per-need basis: soap is carved off and measured by weight for each guest. The facilities are minimal but welcoming. Each of the four rooms has two floors, the first with a sofa, desk, closet, and bathroom and the second with a reading room and a restroom. Breakfast is curated by the nearby RISE & WIN Brewing Co. Guests 6 years and older can put together their own bagel sandwich with a variety of sides such as granola made with leftovers from the brewing process. 


Access: From Tokushima Station, take the bus to Yokose Nishi (about 60 minutes) and then from Yokose Nishi to Hibigatani (about 30 minutes).  



Contribution to Sustainability

HOTEL WHY is in the Kamikatsu Zero Waste Center, a hub for zero waste activity. Through your stay, you spend your time relaxing while learning about how we can solve the problem of waste. The hotel does not provide disposable amenities such as toothbrushes and distributes items like soap and drinks on a per-need basis.


Zero Waste Action Hotel “HOTEL WHY”


7-2 Shimohiura, Fukuhara, Kamikatsu-cho, Katsuura-gun, Tokushima-ken


Approximately 4 hours or 2 days 1 night 




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