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Find Rare Birds in the Subtropical Island of Okinawa 


Search for unique birds   in their natural habitat with the help of a professional local guide in the subtropical forests of Kin Town   and the Yambaru   region of northern Okinawa Island.   


Okinawa is a nature lover’s paradise, which you can better appreciate if you get off the beaten path in the eastern and northern parts of Okinawa Island. Kin Town in the east is an area with  mangrove swamps and farmland used for the cultivation of rice and taro. To the north, the Yambaru region of subtropical evergreen forests is one of Japan’s great wilderness areas. Yambaru, which provides the habitat for the various flora and fauna with its unique ecosystem, was registered as a World Natural Heritage Site in 2021. 
Both Kin Town and Yambaru are home to rare birds  . In Kin Town, you can see cinnamon bitterns, white-breasted waterhens, common moorhens, kingfishers, and ruddy-breasted crakes. In Yambaru, you might find native   species such as the Okinawa rail, the colorful Ryukyu robin, and the endangered Okinawa woodpecker, a Special Natural Monument of Japan that is legally protected. 



With an expert guide, an ornithological researcher  who has been tracking birds in the wild here for more than 40 years, visitors can observe these birds in their natural habitat, and take an ecotour by canoe up the Okukubi River at dawn. Some of the best times to visit are autumn, winter, and spring, when there’s a better chance of seeing migratory species. Pack your binoculars and camera, and get ready to be amazed by these stunning creatures.   

Access: Take the bus from Naha Airport to Kin Town Office (about 150 minutes).



Contribution to Sustainability

The Okinawa Nature Office tour offers visitors opportunities to see rare birds without impacting the environment they call home. To avoid disturbing the ecosystem, tours are organized in small groups and led by a local guide with over 40 years experience.


Okinawa Nature Office 


1001-2 Kin, Kin-cho, Kunigami-gun, Okinawa-ken


approx. 180 min.




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