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Ainu Culture Tour in Lake Akan

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Immerse yourself in the Indigenous Ainu culture that suggests the life through the blessings from nature

NPO Akan Tourism Association & Community Development Organization



Lake Akan offers an opportunity for multiple adventures as well as a chance to explore the unique local culture. 


The Ainu is Japan’s Indigenous group of people who mainly live in Hokkaido. They believe that the gods “kamuy” dwell in everything in nature, such as mountains, forests and animals.



Lake Akan Forest Time is a forest walking tour led by an English-speaking Ainu guide. For the Ainu in Lake Akan, the forest is an important place to get food, clothing, and daily tools. Before entering the forest, the guide will perform a ritual called “kamuy-nomi,” in which they pray for a safe walk inside the forest. The walk in the forest is short with little ups and downs. You’ll get a chance to play their traditional musical instrument called “mukkuri,” which is a type of mouth harp made from bamboo that is used to express the sounds of nature. Through the tour, you’ll learn their way of thinking about the world and how they’ve lived in harmony with nature.




How to get there


Take a 40 minute flight from New Chitose Airport to Kushiro Airport. From there, drive  for an hour to Akanko Onsen.


2-6-20 Akanko Onsen, Kushiro-shi, Hokkaido





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