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The Art of the Tea Ceremony in Kanazawa

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Experience tea culture in a former samurai house or Kanazawa Castle Park

Kanazawa City



While visiting Kanazawa, you might hear that more people study the tea ceremony, also called chadō or sadō, here than in any other city in Japan.


To discover the reason, you need to look back 350 years, to a time when the samurai lord of Kanazawa brought a tea master from Kyoto to give him lessons in the art. The tea ceremony was one of the necessary accomplishments for a samurai warrior, serving as a symbol of their power, prestige and taste – and as a way to entertain guests. Along with the Kyoto tea master came a potter, who opened a kiln dedicated to making tea bowls and other equipment.


Once the lord had decided to study chadō (lit. 'the way of tea'), its popularity also began to spread among the townspeople, and it became part of the daily life of Kanazawa. It’s still an important part of the regional culture today, and there are many places for you to choose from to experience an authentic tea ceremony in Kanazawa. Options include Gyokusen'an tearoom in Kanazawa Castle Park and the Nomura Samurai Family Residence tearoom. See the link below for further details.


How to get there


10 minutes by bus from JR Kanazawa Station.


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