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Icebreaker Cruises & Drift Ice Walks

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Experience magnificent views of the ocean covered in drift ice

Eastern Hokkaido DMO



 In the heart of winter, sea ice begins to float down from Siberia, covering the Sea of Okhotsk with pure white drift ice.

Feel the power of drift ice on one of the two icebreaker cruises. The Monbetsu Icebreaker Garinko uses a drill to break up the ice as it proceeds through the frozen terrain. This relatively small boat enables you to have a more up-close-and-personal experience, much closer to the drift ice. There’s also the large and powerful Abashiri Aurora, which smashes drift ice at high speeds, breaking up the ice by ploughing right through it.

In Utoro, located on the Shiretoko Peninsula, you can go on drift ice walks, with views of the horizon making the perfect backdrop to the fields of ice. Put on a specially designed drysuit and release your inner child by floating in the water between cracks in the ice, or by simply laying on the ice. Here, you can also try drift ice diving, where you can view the drift ice from below.


How to get there


40 minutes by bus from Memanbetsu Airport.
Alternatively, 20 minutes walk from JR Abashiri Station.




Eastern Hokkaido




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