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Ichinoseki’s Two Stunning Gorges - Geibikei and Genbikei

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Go on a boat cruise, take a stroll and snack on flying dumplings

HIRAIZUMI-ICHINOSEKI Destination Management Organization



Take a 90-minute boat cruise propelled by boatmen with bamboo poles up and down the river in Geibikei Gorge and marvel at views of the rugged 50 meter cliffs, waterfalls, and clear water.


Disembark at a sandbar for a brief walk to a larger waterfall, and have a toss of the “luck stones.” Each stone represents a different kind of good fortune, so choose your favorite, pitch it across the river into a small cave in the cliffside, and it may come true!


Another beautiful gorge, Genbikei is just a 40-minute drive from here. Why not combine your visit and compare their beauty?


Genbikei is a two km stretch of gorge with magnificent rock faces and flowing emerald-green waters. Choose between 30 and 70 minute walking trails and take in the unique rock formations as you stroll along the riverside.


Do try the local snack of ‘flying dango’(sweet rice dumplings), so called because they are delivered from a shop on the other side of the gorge via a basket on a zip-wire!



How to get there


Geibikei: 30 Minutes by train from JR Ichinoseki Station.

Genbikei: 20 minutes by car or bus from JR Ichinoseki Station. 40 minutes by car between the two.





HIRAIZUMI-ICHINOSEKI Destination Management Organization

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