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Kumamoto's Mineral Water

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Crystal-clear, high-quality mineral water flows through the city's taps

Kumamoto City



Turn on any tap in Kumamoto and from it will flow crystal-clear, high-quality mineral water. The natural groundwater beneath this historic castle town provides enough water for all the city’s residents. Kumamoto is the only city in Japan with a population greater than 500,000 that can make this claim. The explanation as to why Kumamoto is blessed with this unique feature, which is rare on a global scale, relate to the nearby volcano, Mt. Aso.


The underground layers created after the eruption of Mt. Aso contain many little pockets that allow rain water to soak in easily and be filtered. In a natural cycle lasting about 20 years the water dissolves a mix of minerals which makes it both delicious and nutritious when it arrives directly into Kumamoto’s taps.


While staying in Kumamoto, you can enjoy the mineral water in various ways, as it also enriches the regional cuisine and feeds baths that nourish your skin. The groundwater of the Kumamoto region helps produce a bounty of vegetables, fruit, rice, and other ingredients such as delicious beef from Aso and fresh fish from Amakusa. One of the best ways to enjoy the benefits of this pure water is to join a local guide who can lead you to various izakaya pubs that are popular with locals and to restaurants where you can sit in front of sushi chefs as they prepare your meal using delicious local ingredients.


How to get there


JR Kumamoto Station is a few kilometres southwest of the city centre. Use the city's tram network to explore the izakaya pubs and local restaurants. It's a 50 minute bus ride from Aso-Kumamoto Airport to Kumamoto city centre.



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