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Kyu-shaku Fuji Wisteria Flowers

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The amazing wisteria flowers of Byakugoji Temple: a sight you should see at least once

Hyogo Prefecture


©Tamba City


Byakugoji Temple, a famous temple of the Tendai sect that has a history of more than 1,300 years, is famous for its beautiful flowers that bloom throughout the four seasons. The long wisteria known as Kyu-shaku Fuji, in particular, is in full bloom in spring, around the beginning of May, and fascinates visitors with its graceful appearance. Also referred to with its official name,  Noda Naga Fuji, its blooming flowers can reach a length of 180cm. The flower clusters hanging down from the 120-meter-long and 9-meter-wide wisteria trellis are truly a masterpiece of nature. Once you step in, you will be surrounded by a canopy of light-purple flowers spreading overhead and immersed in a pleasant atmosphere filled with a faint sweet scent.


©Tamba City

How to get there


From Shin-Osaka Station, take the train to Ichijima Station (2 hours). The destination is an 8-minute taxi ride from Ichijima Station.


709 Byakugoji, Ichijima-cho, Tamba-shi, Hyogo-ken


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