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Kyushu OLLE Trekking Courses in Kamiamakusa

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Feel nature with all your senses and explore the Amakusa Islands at a slower pace

Kamiamakusa City


Lying off the southwest coast of Kumamoto Prefecture and part of the Unzen-Amakusa National Park, the Amakusa archipelago consists of 120 islands and is blessed with mesmerizing landscapes and beautiful natural sceneries. If you are looking for a slower way to explore the nature and intriguing history of the Amakusa Islands, why not set off on an outdoor adventure along the Kyushu OLLE trekking courses?

The concept of OLLE, which originated in Jeju Island, South Korea, encourages hikers to enjoy the trails at a leisurely pace, interact with the locals, and take in their surroundings with all five senses. There are currently 18 OLLE trekking courses in Kyushu, two of which are located in Kamiamakusa City: Amakusa Iwajima Course and Amakusa Matsushima Course. Both courses take around 4 to 5 hours on average and introduce travellers to a wide variety of landscapes and attractions.



Iwajima Course is 12.3km long and starts from Senzaki, where you can see burial mounds from the Kofun period (c. 300-538). The trail continues to Zozo Fishing Port and passes fruit gardens and beautiful flower parks. Make your way up to Mt. Takayama for panoramic views as far as Kyushu mainland, walk along the dynamic, rugged coastline of Hokabura, before arriving at Senzoku-Tenmangu Shrine.



Running for 11.1km, Matsushima Course starts at Chiju Kannon, where the Goddess of Mercy is enshrined, and leads you along rice paddies, gigantic rocks, and clear streams. Climb up the path to Mt. Sengan and enjoy stunning views of the Matsushima islands and the Five Bridges of Amakusa. The course ends at the Ryu-no-Ashiyu, where you can soak your feet and take a deserved rest at the dragon-shaped footbath.



How to get there


From Kumamoto Airport, take the Airport Limousine Bus to Kumamoto Station (about 50 minutes), then transfer to the Express Amakusa Bus bound for Amakusa. Get off at the Sun Pearl bus stop and take a taxi for Iwajima Course, or get off at Chiju bus stop for Matsushima Course (about 90 minutes).


Amakusa Iwajima Course Starting Point: Senzaki Burial Mounds
Iwa, Oyano-machi, Kamiamakusa-shi, Kumamoto-ken


Amakusa Matsushima Course Starting Point: Chiju Bus Stop
Imaizumi, Matsushima-machi, Kamiamakusa-shi, Kumamoto-ken



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