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Rapeseed Blossoms of Ibusuki

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Picturesque sceneries of early-blooming rapeseed blossoms by the pristine waters of Lake Ikeda

Ibusuki City


Nanohana, or rapeseed blossom, which typically signals the coming of spring, blooms in early December in Ibusuki of Kagoshima Prefecture, where the average annual temperature is 18 degrees Celsius. The rapeseed blossoms continue to bloom throughout the city until early February. 

There are many fields of rapeseed blossoms by Ibusuki’s beautiful Lake Ikeda, which is also famous for being Kyushu’s largest lake. As you gaze out over the fields and the lake, take in the stunning views of Mt. Kaimon in the distance. The postcard-perfect view of rows of bright yellow rapeseed blossoms beside this beautiful lake attracts many tourists, and many people including locals, stop by to enjoy and take pictures of the scenery.



In January each year, Ibusuki holds a full marathon event called the Nanohana Marathon. Just like how the fully bloomed nanohana represents brightness and energy, participating in or watching this fun city-wide event can be very energizing and brings many people a sense of cheerfulness.


IKEDAKO PAX, which overlooks Lake Ikeda and Mt. Kaimon


In October 2022, a new facility called the IKEDAKO PAX was constructed along the shore of Lake Ikeda, which includes cafes and a deck that extends over the water. Visitors can unwind and take in the lakeside scenery while witnessing the early signs of spring in Ibusuki.



How to get there


From Kagoshima Airport, take the bus for 40 minutes to JR Kagoshima-Chuo Station. From there, take the train for 1 hour to JR Ibusuki Station. It takes about 20 minutes by car to the lake from the station.


Ikeda, Ibusuki-shi, Kagoshima-ken



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