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Ibusuki’s Kaimondake (Satsuma Fuji)

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A beautiful symbol of Ibusuki and Southern Kagoshima

Ibusuki City



Historically, the word "Satsuma" was used to refer to the western parts of Kagoshima Prefecture. Kaimondake, also known as Mt. Kaimon, is dubbed "The Mt. Fuji of Satsuma" for its beautiful cone shape that can be seen from all sides. Mt. Kaimon, which has a height of 924 meters above sea level, is among the top 100 mountains in Japan. The mountain has a hiking trail that leads to its peak, and it also has a camping spot at its base. Additionally, in the summer, you can enjoy the picturesque combination of sunflower fields with Mt Kaimon in the background.



In early October, many photographers visit Ibusuki to capture the optical phenomenon known as "Diamond Satsuma Fuji." This phenomenon refers to when the setting sun overlaps with the peak of Mt Kaimon, creating a stunning view.


Whether you wish to take in it’s beauty from afar or climb to the peak, a trip to Ibusuki‘s Mt. Kaimon will be sure to leave your soul invigorated by the spectacular scenery it has to offer.




How to get there



From Kagoshima Airport, take the bus for 1 hour 40 minutes to JR Ibusuki Station. The location is 30 minutes by car from JR Ibusuki Station. 


From Kagoshima Airport, take the Kagoshima Airport Bus to JR Kagoshima-Chuo Station (40 minutes).
From JR Kagoshima-Chuo Station, take the JR Ibusuki Makurazaki Line and get off at JR Kaimon Station (1 hour 40 minutes). The location is 20 minutes on foot or 3 minutes by car from JR Kaimon Station.


2626 Kaimonjutcho, Ibusuki-shi, Kagoshima-ken



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