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Matsue Castle in the Snow

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Matsue Castle, a National Treasure in Matsue, Shimane Prefecture

San’in Tourism Organization



If you are interested in Japanese history or architecture, you may already know that there are many castles across Japan. However, there are only 12 castles that remain in their original condition, and only five of them, including Matsue Castle, are designated as a National Treasure. Matsue Castle was completed in 1611 by Horio Yoshiharu, who built the city of Matsue. With the zigzag roofs that resemble plovers spreading their wings, it is also called Chidori Castle (Plover Castle). Since it often snows in Matsue in winter, you can see the castle covered in white during the winters. Riding the Horikawa Meguri boats sailing in the moat around the castle is a great way to admire the snow-covered building. Kotatsu, which are heating tables covered with a blanket, are installed inside the boats to offer a warm and comfortable ride during winter. Sailing around a castle with your legs under a heating table while enjoying the winter scenery is an experience that you cannot easily find even in Japan.


How to get there


It is about 1 hour and 20 minutes from Haneda Airport to Yonago Airport, and about 40 minutes by car from Yonago Airport.


507-1 Kuroda-cho, Matsue-shi, Shimane-ken


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