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Mishima Taisha Shrine

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The most important shrine along the 'Old Tōkaidō' highway

Mishima City



Located in the city of Mishima, at the gateway of the Izu Peninsula, Mishima Taisha is the highest-ranking shrine in the region, and one of the greatest divinity on old Tōkaidō road between Kyoto and Edo (what is now Tokyo).


It is said that Minamoto no Yoritomo – the 12th-century founder of the shogunate system of governance in Japan – went to pray at the srhine when raising an army and before battles.


Its magnificent zelkova wood pavilions are skillfully decorated in intricate engravings and have been designated as Important Cultural Properties.


Being on the Tōkaidō Road, but also at the starting point of the ancient Shimoda Road, Mishima Taisha Shrine prospered as the gateway to the Izu region, while travelers spread its name and influence countrywide.


Its significance lives on: visit during the Mishima Summer Festival or New Year period and you'll find the shrine is still a hive of activity.


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How to get there


Mishima Taisha Shrine is a 15-minute walk from JR Mishima Station. Mishima Station is 50 minutes from Tokyo Station by Tōkaidō-Sanyo Shinkansen.



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