Ministry of Environment Launches New Website for International Visitors

Tokyo: February 14, 2019, The Ministry of Environment, as part of the [National Park Enjoyment Project] is launching a new website [National Parks of Japan] created to provide detailed information to international visitors.

It is with the collaboration of the Japan National Tourism Organization (JNTO), that this new website is located within the JNTO Global Website. Foreseeing the increase of international visitors to the National Parks of Japan, in comparison to the Ministry of Environment's previous National Park homepage, the new website is designed to provide information that is sought for by the international visitors, such as; in addition to the beauty and appeal of Japan's National Parks, access information, details of the various sport/activities that can be experienced, as well as suggested planned trips will be made available on the site.

Continued efforts will be made to enhance the content, as well as, increasing the user experience and convenience, such as; the provision of reservation functions will be provided for a specific activity, or tour that receives high attention and viewing rate on the website.

Background: The Ministry of Environment, within the [National Park Enjoyment Project] has set a goal of 10 million international visitors to Japan's National Parks by the year 2020. In addition, to achieving this goal, efforts are being made to enhance National Parks to meet global standards.

By placing the new website within the Japan National Tourism Organization Global Website, which is viewed by 27% of foreign visitors* contemplating a trip to Japan would further the awareness of National Parks.

The website will have high definition videos and photographs, reflecting the natural beauty and appeal of all 34 National Parks of Japan. To increase international visitors, information on; access, activities, sports, and experiences available at each Park will be made available.

Ministry of Environment [Research into the Evaluation Value of National Parks (March, 2017)]

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