Narita Airport

Narita Airport

Narita Airport is one of two airports serving Tokyo handling both international and domestic flights.

Narita Airport (NRT), 60 kilometers east of central Tokyo in Chiba Prefecture , handles most of the city's international flights and some domestic flights. The city's other airport, Haneda Airport (HND) handles most of the city's domestic flights as well as a growing number of international flights.

Despite its location outside the city, Narita Airport is within easy reach of central Tokyo by train, bus or taxi.


The JR operated Narita Express runs around twice an hour during the day between the airport terminals and major urban destinations such as Tokyo, Shinagawa, Shibuya , Shinjuku , Ikebukuro and Yokohama . The Narita Express will get you to Tokyo Station in just under an hour. All seats are reserved and you can purchase a reserved ticket easily at the JR ticket window on the underground floor below the arrival's hall. Seat availability is generally good. If you hold a Japan Rail Pass , your Narita Express ticket issued free of charge.

Another option is the Keisei Skyliner . This train will rocket you into Nippori and Ueno in north-east Tokyo in around 40 minutes. These stations sit above Tokyo Station on the Yamanote Line that circles central Tokyo, so are a great point of access for traveling onto your final destination in the capital. There are three trains an hour, each with comfortable seats and plenty of luggage space. Note that as this is not a JR-run service; Japan Rail Passes cannot be used.

Fares on the above trains are between 2,500 and 5,000 yen depending on your choice of seat and ultimate destination. If you are on a shoestring budget and are flexible with your time, local trains can take you into central Tokyo for a third of the price, but double the time.


Limousine bus services from Narita Airport can transport you to many destinations in Tokyo, including the main hotel districts. While it can take up to two hours to get into Tokyo at peak traffic times, buses are often a more direct choice.


Taxis from Narita Airport are another option if the timing for trains and buses doesn't suit your schedule. This can be quite an expensive option, but fixed-price taxis are available without reservation.


If you are feeling particularly extravagant, it is possible to travel by helicopter into the city from Narita. This is not a common choice, and is understandably pricey. However, a number of private companies do run these services, so high-flyers should do private research to find the best options.

Airport Services

Tourist Information Center (TIC)

Stop by the Tourist Information Centers at Narita Airport . They are staffed by multilingual travel experts who can answer questions and provide free maps and brochures. A stop at the TIC can save you lots of planning time.

Money Exchange

Japanese stores, restaurants, and public transportation are legally forbidden to accept foreign currencies, so you will need small amounts of Japanese yen for your immediate needs. If you have foreign bank notes other than U.S. dollars, it is wise to convert some of them into yen while at the airport. Traveler's checks can be cashed quickly at banks, but few stores or restaurants accept them. Unused yen (banknotes only, no coins) can be reconverted at the airport with no limitation, provided the exchange center has sufficient funds for reconversion. For currency exchange, there are 16 banks and two post offices at the airport, with one or more open from 6:30 a.m. to 11:00 p.m.

Japan Rail Pass Order Exchange

Obtain your Japan Rail Pass by exchanging your exchange order at the airport's travel centers and ticket offices. The date of validation of your pass can be any day within three months of the issuing date of your exchange order. You can use the pass for the Narita Express train trip between the airport and Tokyo.

Luggage Delivery

Make use of the affordable baggage delivery service and travel into the center of Tokyo hands-free. In most cases, your luggage will be delivered to your hotel in Tokyo the next day.

Wi-Fi Spots

Let everybody know you have arrived in Japan by connecting to the free Wi-Fi at Narita Airport .

Flying out

Arriving early at Narita Airport affords you the time to explore its entertainment options. Download the NariCo app for the world's first voice-powered airport guide app. Think of it as your Siri for everything Narita-based. Narita also offers two observation decks, its own capsule hotel and galleries dedicated to Japanese toilets (Gallery Toto) and Japanese dance drama, Kabuki (Kabuki Gate).

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