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Enhance your trip with some basic language skills


Learning a few everyday Japanese phrases will make your trip even more memorable. See below for a list of basic Japanese greetings, phrases to get attention, and simple questions.

Japanese English
Ohayo gozaimasu Good morning
Konnichiwa Good afternoon
Konbanwa Good evening
Oyasumi nasai Good night
Sayonara Good-bye
Sumimasen Excuse me
Gomen nasai I am sorry
Wakarimasen I don't understand
Arigatou Thank you
Hai Yes
Iie No
Doko desuka Where is ___?
Ikura desuka How much is ___?
Oishii It's delicious
Tanoshii It's fun

Japanese language support

For a more comprehensive selection of useful words and phrases, take a look through the Tourist's Language Handbook . It is a useful tool to carry with you on your trip. For a free speech translation app that is geared towards travel-related conversations, try out the multilingual speech translation application: VoiceTra . The Japan Foundation provides a Japanese language learning platform, JF Japanese e-Learning Minato , that offers many self-study courses. Hirogaru, get more of Japan and Japanese , also provided by the JF, is a website promoting interest-based language learning over a variety of topics. For more Japanese language expressions, as well as in-depth information about traveling in Japan, download one of the JNTO travel brochures in English, traditional Chinese, simplified Chinese, Korean, French, and Thai.

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