Admire Aso's majestic nature and stunning scenery featuring the 5 peaks of Mount Aso from liberating panoramic open-air baths

Enjoy the boundless great natural environment of Aso in Kumamoto Prefecture, where Mount Aso is located, as you soak in one of the hot springs with breathtaking views.

Senomoto Kogen Hotel is one such hotel where you can relish in the luxury of being one with nature. Situated on a plateau with an altitude of 920m above sea level, the hotel is located in lush Kurokawa Onsenkyo, a beautiful and atmospheric Japanese hot spring town.

During the day, you can enjoy the superb view of the vast expanse of Aso Prairie from the hotel’s "Zekkei Hana-no-Yu" open-air bath, while at night you can experience the feeling of being one with the starry sky as you relax in this natural planetarium!

Tsukimawari Onsenkan, located in Tsukimawari Park, offers a view of Mount Nekodake (one of the 5 peaks of Mount Aso) that is ranked top in the New 100 Best Views of Kumamoto.
Having the mountain close to its front, the hotel’s open-air bath offers a stunning extensive view of Aso mountains & grassland and the landscapes’ various appearances can be enjoyed in each season and time.

There are also a variety of other bathing facilities to experience, such as a rock bath and private family baths.

Another hotel surrounded by the majestic nature of Aso is Aso Plaza Hotel, a hot spring inn which draws from 2 hot spring sources and has 4 unique baths for soaking in.

Each bath provides a different view, some of which especially includes Aso’s spectacular nature. The most panoramic open-air bath on the top floor, "Takeyu Kuuhai" has cypress-scented baths and offers a breathtaking view of Aso as it changes from day to night. Or why not spend a luxurious time in a wide bath house that can fit up to 30 people and be reserved specially for your family or friends?


Senomoto Kogen Hotel

Access :Japan, 〒869-2493, Kumamoto Prefecture, Aso-gun, Minamioguni-machi, Manganji, 5644

Operating hours :

How to get there :From Fukuoka, take the highway bus for about 2 hours & 30 minutes and get off at Kurokawa Onsen. Then, take approximately another 10 minutes via free shuttle service.

Website :

Access :Japan, 〒869-1602, Kumamoto Prefecture, Aso-gun, Takamori-machi, Tsukimawari, Tsukimawari Onsen

Operating hours :12noon to 7pm

How to get there :From Hakata Station, it takes about 40 minutes by the Kyushu Shinkansen. Get off at JR Kumamoto Station. Take the highway bus for approximately 2 hours, and then get off at Takamori Chuo bus stop.

Website :



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