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Akiyoshido Cave

~East Asia’s Largest Stalactite Cave~

Akiyoshido Cave, Japan’s largest stalactite cave, is filled with mysterious limestone features formed over tens of millions of years. It’s the largest limestone cave in Japan, and has been designated a Special Natural Monument.

◆ A vast cavern approximately 100 metres beneath the karst plateau

Akiyoshidai, Japan’s largest karst plateau, has over 400 limestone caves. About 100 metres below its surface is Akiyoshido Cave. The total length of the cave is said to be more than 10 km, of which about 1 km is open to tourists. Brave the chilly air and follow the path through the fir trees, and you’ll find yourself at the cave’s entrance, an impressive 24 m high and 8 m wide. Reaching 200 m at its widest and 80 m at its highest, the cave is truly vast. As the temperature inside the cave is about 17°C all year round, it’s cool in the summer and warm in the winter. The footpath certainly makes exploring the cave much easier, but we still recommend wearing shoes suitable for walking.

◆ Experience the overwhelming beauty and wonders of nature

As you enter the cave, you’ll see numerous weird and wonderful stone columns and stalagmites everywhere you look. One cannot help but be overwhelmed by the sheer scale and beauty of nature’s creations. The “Hundred Plates”, “Full of Umbrellas” and “Golden Column” are just a few of the captivating formations, and the crystal clear river that runs through the cave is like a beautiful natural mirror. The cave is also teeming with life, with six species of bat and bizarre creatures that have lost their body colouring and eyesight to evolution.


Address: 3506-2 Shuhocho Akiyoshi, Mine City, Yamaguchi Prefecture
Website: https://karusuto.com/spot/akiyoshido/
Phone: not available



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