~ Warm And Beautiful Olive Island Surrounded By The Calm Sea~

The scenic Shodoshima that is located in the middle of the Seto Inland Sea has a rich food culture such as olives, soy sauce, and somen (thin noodles). It also offers plenty of superb views, such as the beautiful coastline and abundant greenery unique to the island, and is also home to Kankakei, which is one of the three most beautiful valleys in Japan.

◆Tons of places to excite and heal as you walk, look, eat, and experience

Shodoshima is an island located between the Great Seto Bridge and Awaji Island in the Seto Inland Sea. It is the second largest island in the Seto Inland Sea after Awaji Island, and is great for tourism as it is warm with little rainfall throughout the year. Blessed with abundant nature and delicious food, Shodoshima is a healing paradise that is full of exciting spots that you can experience with your entire body. It also has art pieces that stimulate imagination scattered all over the island and hosts the Setouchi International Art Festival that is held every three years.

Make sure to visit the island in clothes that are easy to move around in as there are many occasions where you are required to walk or ride a bicycle. It would be good to purchase a one-day ticket if you are primarily moving from place to place by bus.

◆Abound with breath-taking sightseeing spots and delicious food

Olive cultivation was brought in to Shodoshima from the Mediterranean more than 100 years ago, where it is currently a thriving business with the best processing technology in the world. Various items such as food and cosmetics made using olives are also available for sale.

In addition to the produce of the mountains and the sea that have been nurtured by abundant nature, the traditional food culture on the island, such as 400 years of tradition in soy sauce-making and somen-making by hand, is also kept alive today.

There are also many breath-taking sightseeing spots on the island, such as Dofuchi Strait which has been recognized by Guinness World Record as the narrowest strait in the world, Kankakei Gorge which is famous for fresh verdure and autumn foliage, Angel Road which appears during low tides, and Kasaneiwa (piled rocks) which is a popular spot where two rocks are placed on top of each other with exquisite balance.


Address: Shodoshima-cho, Shozu-gun, Kagawa Prefecture
Phone: not available




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