Tsunoshima Bridge

~Stunning View! Crossing The Cobalt Blue Sea~

The elegant stature of Tsunoshima Bridge, together with the vivid and gorgeous color of the sea serving as its natural background, will impress visitors with its beauty whether it is viewed from high ground or when crossing the bridge itself.

◆Tsunoshima Bridge which extends straight into the beautiful ocean

This is one of the longest bridges in Japan that can be crossed for free, with a total length of 1,780m. Get verwhelmed with the majestic view of the bridge stretching straight ahead, and also with the breathtaking gradation of the sea from emerald green to cobalt blue on sunny days. It is a popular place that even the locals wish to visit at least once, and is often featured in movies and commercials. In addition, the harmony of the setting sun into the horizon and the view of the bridge when it is lit up are also beautiful as the day transitions from evening into the night.

◆How to enjoy Tsunoshima Bridge – Tsunoshima

Head over to Amagase Park where you can take in the view of Tsunoshima Bridge before crossing the bridge itself. After that, cross the bridge over the beautiful sea and take in the picturesque scenery of Tsunoshima with its vast and abundant nature. It is filled with attractions such as Makizakikazeno Park which has a perfect location overlooking the Sea of Japan, a ranch with plenty of cows grazing nearby,Yumesakinamino Park where you can enjoy wild seasonal flowers that are native to Tsunoshima, as well as Tsunoshima Lighthouse that is a historic building made of stone and was first lighted up in 1876.


Address: Hohokucho Kanda – Tsunoshima, Shimonoseki-shi, Yamaguchi Prefecture
Website: http://www.visit-jy.com/en/spots/11030
Phone: not available




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