Be enchanted by the different shades of blue - Exploring the breathtakingly clear Niyodo River

The Niyodo River, which runs through the centre of Kochi Prefecture, is nicknamed “Niyodo Blue” for its unique blue hue due to the exceptionally clear water. Depending on the season or perspective, the colour changes from cobalt blue to emerald green, and is often most visited from mid-August to mid-January. 

Boasting deep blue waterfalls and beautiful azure pools dotted with unique rock formations, you can explore different sections of the 124km-long Niyodo River for a variety of unique perspectives. The sacred waterfall and pool at Niko Buchi is famous for its mystical blue colour. 

Yasui Valley’s picturesque riverine environment, which is a popular viewing spot for autumn leaves, can be explored by walking along the gorge, while camping is popular in the summer months. The Nakatsu Valley is easily accessible via promenades and bridges that meander along this breath-taking valley. Following the route takes you to the 20m-tall Uryu Falls which is one of the most scenic waterfalls in the Shikoku region with its unique stone pillars. 

Niyodo Blue 

Address: Sakawa-cho, Takaoka-gun, Kochi Prefecture 

Website: 一般社団法人 仁淀ブルー観光協議会 ( (Japanese only) 



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